Wireless Network Design Kit

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An affordable, secure, easy to manage Wi-Fi network starts with proper planning...Download your Wireless Network Design Kit.

Get answers to critical questions such as: 

  1. How many devices will my wireless network be able to manage? 

  2. How many access points will my campus or building need?

  3. What components will I need to guarantee reliablity, performance and security?

Compiled from over 10 years of planning, deploying and supporting wireless systems across a variety of industries, your comprehensive kit contains the following Wi-Fi planning resources:


  • Wireless Network Design Guide Your complete guide to wireless network design. From RF planning, and devices to network security, scalability and everything in between, this guide leaves nothing uncovered.

  • Wireless Network Design Data Collection Sheet - The pre-services collection sheet provides an organized overview of your WLAN that you can then use when performing a predicitve site survey.

  • Wireless Network Design FAQ's - A detailed report that answers the most common questions businesses have about the WLAN design process. Including: What you can expect to receive, how much it costs and more!