Wireless Network Design Kit

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An affordable, secure, easy to manage WLAN starts with proper planning....Introducing the Wireless Network Design Kit.

Learn everything you need to know before you deploy a high capacity, secure wireless network, guaranteed to support your requirements the first time.

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Get answers to critical questions such as: How many devices will your wireless network be able to manage? How many access points will you need? What components will need to guarantee reliablity, performance and security?

This comprehensive kit contains the following guides and answers to your wireless network questions:


  • Wireless Network Design Guide - Your complete guide to wireless network design. From RF planning, applications and devices to security, wireless network infrastructure, scalability and everything in between. This guide leaves nothing uncovered.
  • Wireless Network Design Data Collection Sheet - Our pre-services collection sheet provides an organized overview of your WLAN that we can then use to perform a wireless site survey and predicitve site survey that is provided during a free wireless design we provide.
  • Wireless Network Design FAQ's - Detailed report covering wireless site surveys, predicitve RF, wifi site survey, onsite wireless site surveys, costs and more!