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Upgrade Your School Wireless Network to Support the iPad


ipad implementation school wireless 912There are many benefits to upgrading your school wireless network. One of the biggest benefits of upgrading is the ability to support the influx of mobile devices, including tablets, the most popular tablet being the iPad.

The iPad, like other tablets, easily integrates with education IT trends. Cloud-based solutions have become more popular with colleges and universities.

iPads and Tablets align well with this trend, given their portability and options for constant connectivity. K-12 campuses are also implementing iPads and tablets into every day use.

Here are the top 2 reasons you should be upgrading your school wireless network to support mobile devices and the iPad:

1. Tablets and iPads make great textbooks
The day old image of students carrying multiple heavy textbooks between classes will soon come to an end as iPads are integrated into school wireless networks. One student can carry one tablet that will contain all their study materials. Tablets and iPads are capable of offering enhanced features beyond just plain photos. Tablets and iPads can offer interactive video and audio which enhance the quality of the learning experience and appealing to all different types of learners.

2. Tablets Fit Students’ Lifestyles
Tablets and iPads are thin, lightweight and are much easier to take out and use in class than a laptop or netbook. Many students throughout highs school and college have already been using smartphones for years so their adoption and approval rate of using a tablet or iPad is very high. Students are very accostomed to technology and using these devices, even for advanced tasks.

Ready to upgrade your school wireless network?

There are so many benefits of having a school wireless network that can support the iPad and other mobile devices. The quality of experience brought to the user, combined with the potential for increased learning are allowing schools (and their students) to succeed.

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The benefits are GREAT and the time to upgrade is NOW.


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