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Preparing Your School for an Ipad Implementation


Preparing Your School for Ipad ImplementationPlanning is the most important step to any technology initiative. Integrating technology into the classroom can seem like an overwhelming task as there are many wireless network infrastructure considerations to keep in mind.

When preparing your school for an iPad Implementation, there are many campus needs to be considered. Creating a clear plan that covers all aspects of your wireless network infrastructure and current classroom technology will help you avoid any technology initiative failures.

So how do you begin preparing your school for an Ipad Implementation?

The most important step to prepare your school for the ipad or other mobile device implementations, is that you need to review your current campus wireless infrastructure.

Signal Strength - iPads require a strong and reliable connection to the web. Have you thoroughly tested the speed of your internet connection throughout all times of the day? Do teachers have reliable connection inside the learning areas? How is the wireless network signal strength and distribution? Do you have the proper wireless network infrastructure to support a successful implementation? Is the signal being distributed evenly and reliably to all parts of the campus? Have you tested for dead spots? Will your wireless network be able to support a large volume of devices connecting at the same time? without sacrificing network speed?

Wireless Network - How will the iPads connect to the wireless network? Will the iPads connect through a seperate network or student guest network? Does your wireless network have the ability to create a separate policy that identifies iPads on your existing network, giving them different access rules or web filtering?

iPad Management - How will your school keep track of the location to each iPad? Will the iPads be stored in a mobile cart? How will you identify or assign users to the iPad?

Preparing your school for an iPad implementation can be an extensive process. There are many wireless network infrastructure considerations to review to make sure your school is ready to implement the ipad or additional wireless mobile devices.

Let SecurEdge Networks help analyze your current wireless network and prepare your school for an ipad implementation project. Contact us to get started with a Free Consultation or call us directly at 704-900-4470.

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Would everything apply for other tablet type devices? There are many deployments other than iPads these days.
Posted @ Monday, June 27, 2011 3:56 PM by Jim Knight
Hello Jim! Yes, a lot of these considerations are the same for other tablet devices.
Posted @ Tuesday, June 28, 2011 8:34 AM by Beth Jackson
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