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How to Maximize Your School Wireless Network with Secure Mobility

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On June 29th, 2007 the world as we knew it had changed forever. This was day that the iPhone was first introduced and while some may argue this point, I believe that this day also introduced the world to what we now call “Secure Mobility”. Since the explosion of mobile devices and apps a lot has changed, especially when it comes to how we think about designing and building networks.

5 Reasons a Wireless Site Survey Will Increase Your Wi-Fi Performance

wireless site survey, wifi performance, hospital wireless networks,

Speak to any hospital CIO and they’ll all tell you that Wi-Fi is vital to the success of their hospitals. The truth these days is that the hospital environment has evolved and is continuing to do so at a rapid pace. Today’s hospitals need exceptional WLAN with the proper performance required for diverse biomedical devices and urgent communications.

The State of Mobile Technology in Healthcare and 5 Security Solutions

mobile technology in healthcare, hospital wireless networks,

Healthcare these days has gone through some major changes and no I’m not talking about “ObamaCare”. What I’m focused on is mobile technology use and how it has quickly engulfed our hospital wireless networks.

4 Ways Hospital Wireless Networks Can Leverage RTLS Solutions

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Some of my favorite shows on TV have been hospital dramas. From shows like “House” to the ever classic “E.R.” I’ve always enjoyed the high paced action and long medical jargon I can never really understand. These shows typically get the drama and the chaos right but rarely do they capture what goes on behind the scenes, the slightly-less dramatic things that make it all possible, for example, RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems).

It's Time to Support BYOD on your Hospital Wireless Network


Healthcare providers deal with more acronyms on a daily basis than there are seats in the United States Congress. Just navigate via the internet right to the “Acronyms in Healthcare” Wikipedia page there are over 30 acronyms that begin with "A".

Bringing BYOD to a Hospital Wireless Network Securely

BYOD in Hospital

Mobile devices continue to grow in popularity and as the competition increases for the “next big thing” in smartphones and tablets, many of the associated costs users experience could continue to decline. However, in the business enterprise and specifically the healthcare industry, the cool BYOD trend can often meet an icy reception from management.

Importance of a Wireless Site Survey for Hospital Wireless Networks

site survey

There was a time not that long ago, when physical wireless site surveys were becoming obsolete because new software tools were making it possible to predict with about 90% accuracy a number of things about a wireless environment.

11 Myths About 802.11ac on Hospital Wireless Networks


Healthcare facilities that might have been considering a wireless network refresh now have another reason to move forward with those plans. Earlier this week at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, the IEEE announced approval of IEEE 802.11acTM-2013 as the new industry standard for wireless connectivity.

BYOD on 802.11ac Hospital Wireless Networks

BYOD in healthcare

With 2013 coming to a close, most of our office phones keep ringing with complicated issues that involve wireless devices. In 2014, we expect that trend to continue as more consumers add tablets to their tables and smartphones to their pockets. Some estimates indicate 64% of Americans now own a smartphone and more and more employers allowing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are feeling the squeeze on the available bandwidth.

10 Vital Reminders for Secure BYOD in Healthcare

BYOD in healthcare

Another week, another reported “cyber attack”. That might make you wonder what Edward Snowden is doing for a living in Russia these days. If you follow the story, you’ll see that hackers have stolen sensitive information from some of the larger social media networks and gained access to end user accounts. This time, hackers exploited vulnerable desktop computers - not necessarily the wireless devices that are brought into a healthcare facility.  

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