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How 802.11ac Could Save Your School Wireless Network [Infographic]

802.11ac, 802.11ac WLAN, how 802.11ac can help your school wireless network,

Last Friday the new iPhone 6 was released and like millions of lucky iPhone lovers I was able to get my hands on one. Apple packed so many amazing features into this latest iPhone and to me none more important than it’s 802.11ac compatibility.

7 Things to Know About 802.11ac and Your School Wireless Network

802.11ac, school wireless network design, 802.11ac in education,

One of the most frustrating things about today’s wireless and digital world we live in is having a slow wireless connection. With new technology out pacing our current infrastructure it has caused many schools to face wireless traffic jams, making it almost impossible to support the goals of the school or the needs of the students. Fortunately, there’s a solution, and that’s 802.11ac.

5 Examples of How 802.11ac Technology is Making Our Lives Better

802.11ac, 802.11ac technology, 802.11ac range

Unless you haven’t heard, there is a new standard in town and it’s called, 802.11ac. There has been a lot of talk lately within the Education, Healthcare and IT communities about the new “802.11ac technology”. As SecurEdge Networks Chief Network Engineer explains,
“802.11ac takes many of the features from 802.11n and builds upon them …utilizing 

MIMO, increasing channel widths and doubling the speed to 1.3 Gb/s.” With all of these new improvements, there isn’t one area where 802.11ac can’t make our lives better.

How 802.11ac and Air Travel Can Improve Your School Wireless Network

airport wifi, school wireless networks, mobility analysis, 802.11ac, 802.11ac technology

International travel in and of itself is rather tricky. We’ve all been there. Imagine you’re at the airport, you’ve gotten there about an hour or so before your flight, mostly because that’s what everyone has told you to do. You wait in your first line of the day, checking your one bag that costs around $25 dollars (that’s another story). Once checked in, your off to the second line of the day, this one is even worse than the last. 

How Many Users Can a 802.11ac Access Point Handle?

802.11ac, 802.11ac capacity, 802.11ac WLAN,

Being squarely focused on wireless mobility over the last 8 years, we are fortunate to receive questions like, “How many users can access an 802.11ac access point?” Now, depending on who is posing this question (hard to read a person’s body language over the phone) and in which format the question is posed (hard to read “tone” in the written word of an email), a close friend might receive the following response: “Over what period of time? A day? A week?”

3 Simple Reasons to Move Your School WLAN from 802.11n to 802.11ac

802.11ac vs 802.11n edu wlan technology in the classroom

The start of 2014 brought with it a new standard in wireless connectivity. 802.11ac is a set of physical layer enhancements for higher throughput in the 5-GHz band that is projected to completely replace the 802.11n technology by 2018. The access points with the newest technology bring with them additional antennas, wider channels, more spatial streams, and a number of features that improves throughput and reliability.

5 Revealing Benefits About 802.11ac and Your School Wireless Network

802.11ac, school wireless network, 802.11ac speed,


The IEEE recently ratified 802.11ac as the new standard in wireless technology. So, get out your checkbooks, it’s time for a school wireless network refresh! Or...maybe not.

Improve Your Enterprise Wireless Networks with 802.11ac


Tablet sale estimates are now exceeding earlier IDC predictions and now being forecast at a 38.6% hike in 2014 (270.7 million tablets sold globally.)   This news comes alongside the statistics showing a global decline in sales of laptops and desktops with already a 6% drop in sales from last year.  

Technology in the Classroom with 802.11ac

technology in the classroom

Notable research finds that video usage in educational classrooms has become a powerful curricula support. 

8 Things You Didn’t Know About 802.11ac


Many of the folks we speak to on a daily basis still feel like preparing an enterprise business for wireless access is similar in nature to home networking. Unfortunately, that line of thinking is a bit misguided, as the technology changes about as frequently as the sheets on their bed. One of the most recent changes is users ability to now be provided 802.11ac connectivity, offering up to gigabit speeds over wireless.

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