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30 Years of Change: How Technology Is Shaping The College Experience [Infographic]

higher education wireless networks, technology in the classroom, wifi in college, school wireless network solutions,

When I look back at my college years I immediately think about how great of an experience I had. However, now, because of the explosion of mobile technology and better wifi performance, I’ve realized that higher education has become a vastly different environment and experience than the one I remember. The kicker is that its only been 7 years.

4 More Incredibly Common Reasons Your Wifi Performance is Awful

why your wifi performance is awful, common wireless problems, wifi network solutions,

A particularly hot topic we’re constantly talking about at SecurEdge is wifi performance. Everyone, even long time IT professionals have had to deal with wireless performance issues, the challenge comes in when you have to diagnose those problems. The simple fact, is that with the explosion of mobile devices our networks have become increasingly complex, not only in their design but in the devices and applications they are supposed to support. So, when it comes to designing your network for optimal performance or diagnosing current performance issues, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Unique Answer to Solving Your Wifi Performance Problems for Good

wifi performance, Wi-Fi performance problems, wireless network solutions,

“My wifi isn’t working and I have no idea why?” Sound familiar. That’s a phrase we hear all the time here at SecurEdge and when we do we know it’s time to break out the detective gear. Alright, there is no detective gear but if you know anything about wireless networks or wifi then you probably know that it can be a very fickle animal. So when something goes wrong, its very frustrating and today with more advanced networks and the amounts of different applications running on them troubleshooting those problems can be a very frustrating task.

5 Simple Reasons You're Having Terrible Wi-Fi Performance

Wi-Fi performance, wireless network problems, whats affecting your wifi performance,

For even seasoned IT professionals getting the most out of your Wi-Fi can be very challenging. But like a lot of things, especially in wireless, we want them (most of the time need them) to work at the peak of their ability. When you try to envision even a modest wireless network today, it becomes clear that they have become full-on, living and breathing environments where everything is working together.

Study Reveals the Real State of Student Engagement and Job Preparedness in America

student engagement, technology in the classroom,

There are two areas in education that haven’t always traditionally been examined. I’m of course referring to “Engagement” and “Job Preparedness”. New mobile technologies have almost overnight transformed both the world we work in as well as the world we live in, and it only makes sense to assume it has changed the world we learn in. But we don’t have to assume anymore, over the last year the Gallup Poll has compiled some startling results.

How to Improve Your Next School Wireless Network Refresh with E-rate

E-rate, E-rate Service Provider, funding school wifi with E-rate,

60% of schools lack the proper wireless networks needed to deploy and support the necessary tools for today's modern learning environment. It’s hard to believe but according to the FCC this stat is true. Since the mid-90’s the E-rate program (Universal Service Fund for Schools and Libraries) has been trying to solve this major issue. Despite the overwhelming need, E-rate has still managed to connect about 52.2 million students across the United States. Some estimating this number to be around 1 million classrooms. When it comes to funding your wireless network upgrades it’s never easy and the E-rate program isn’t exactly the easiest process.

Funding Your School Wireless Network: 17 Significant E-rate Updates

E-rate, E-rate Service Provider, Universal Service Program for Schools,

“How do we fund it all?” Sound like a familiar question. If you said yes, well you’re not alone. Many schools, when it comes to paying for the necessary upgrades to their wireless networks often find this question at the top. One of the answers to this common problem over the last 18 years has been the E-rate program.

What I Learned About School Wireless Networks from the IT Director

school wireless network design, mobility strategy, wlan design, mobility,

Creating a successful wireless network at any school isn’t very different than baking a cake. There are many different ingredients and many different factors involved that all work together to make the cake not look but taste good and the same is true with building a school wireless network.

7 Things to Know About 802.11ac and Your School Wireless Network

802.11ac, school wireless network design, 802.11ac in education,

One of the most frustrating things about today’s wireless and digital world we live in is having a slow wireless connection. With new technology out pacing our current infrastructure it has caused many schools to face wireless traffic jams, making it almost impossible to support the goals of the school or the needs of the students. Fortunately, there’s a solution, and that’s 802.11ac.

The Ultimate Guide to Deploy iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the classroom, technology in the classroom, guide to deploying ipads in education,

Trying to implement iPads into your classrooms can be very rewarding, not only for the school but for each and every student as well. However, doing so isn’t plug and play and if you aren’t completely prepared then you are looking at a very expensive and frustrating experience.

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