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7 Things to Know About 802.11ac and Your School Wireless Network

802.11ac, school wireless network design, 802.11ac in education,

One of the most frustrating things about today’s wireless and digital world we live in is having a slow wireless connection. With new technology out pacing our current infrastructure it has caused many schools to face wireless traffic jams, making it almost impossible to support the goals of the school or the needs of the students. Fortunately, there’s a solution, and that’s 802.11ac.

The Ultimate Guide to Deploy iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the classroom, technology in the classroom, guide to deploying ipads in education,

Trying to implement iPads into your classrooms can be very rewarding, not only for the school but for each and every student as well. However, doing so isn’t plug and play and if you aren’t completely prepared then you are looking at a very expensive and frustrating experience.

The Future of eBooks: Preparing for Interactive Content in Education

interactive content in education, ebooks in the classroom, school wireless network design,

eBooks have certainly come a long way in a relatively short time, it was even thought at one point that they were nothing more than a trend. In reality, with the help of the Kindle and iPad and a shrinking world connected by mobile devices and wireless technology eBooks survived and are ready to get even better than we can imagine.

7 Amazing Open Education Resource Tools for Your Classroom

open education resource tools for your classroom, technology in the classroom,

54% of students believe that open educational resources are very or extremely important to their academic success. This stat comes from 2013’s ECAR study which takes a look at exactly how students today are using technology in the classroom. With 71% of students using open educational resources its clear that OER’s (open educational resources) are having a major impact on how students are learning as well as how educators are teaching.

3 Things People get wrong about Predictive Wireless Site Surveys

wireless site survey, predictive wireless site survey, wireless network design,

When it comes to mobility and wireless network designs we get a lot of questions regarding our process and more specifically how we do wireless site surveys for clients that are not close to Charlotte, NC. Our answer is always simple, predictive wireless site surveys. Predictive means just that -- predictive, or a virtual survey of your school, hospital or facility.

4 Quick Wi-Fi Performance Fixes for your Warehouse Wireless Network

warehouse wireless network, quick warehouse wi-fi solutions, wireless network design,

Warehouses have many things in common. For one, most are very open and very large spaces with exposed building materials, metal racks, equipment cages, fork-lifts and so on. The one thing they also tend to have in common are wifi performance issues.

21 Stats, Facts, Uses and Ideas for Chromebooks in Education

technology in the classroom, chromebooks in education, school wireless networks,

Let me start by saying, Chromebooks are everywhere. There are 15 different models and they hold the top 10 spots for the best rated laptops on Amazon. It only makes sense that Chromebooks have found their way into education and become a favorite choice for many school districts and administrators.

Why a Network Management System is a Game-Changer for Your WLAN

wireless network management, WLAN, MDM,

How many devices do you own? Are they all the same brand, are they the newest models? Odds are the answers to these questions vary wildly from person to person but the fact remains the same, we love mobile technology today and we are only going to love it more tomorrow.

5 Reasons a Wireless Site Survey Will Increase Your Wi-Fi Performance

wireless site survey, wifi performance, hospital wireless networks,

Speak to any hospital CIO and they’ll all tell you that Wi-Fi is vital to the success of their hospitals. The truth these days is that the hospital environment has evolved and is continuing to do so at a rapid pace. Today’s hospitals need exceptional WLAN with the proper performance required for diverse biomedical devices and urgent communications.

What You Need to Know About the Flipped Classroom [Infographic]

flipped classroom, technology in the classroom, what is flipped learning,

Dynamic. Engaging. Interactive. All descriptive words used when approaching the topic of flipped learning or creating a flipped classroom. Teachers lecture in the front of the classroom less and offer communal guidance with the use of content delivered online.

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