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Do I Really Need a Wireless Site Survey for 802.11ac Wifi?

At SecurEdge, my office is next to Michael McNamee who is head of our professional services group. Our office is a converted warehouse/techy kind of office place with stained concrete floors, so when Michael is on the phone, I hear much of the conversation. I’m struck by how many phone calls he gets from prospective customers calling with wireless performance issues that are simply a matter of improper planning from their current Wi-Fi provider. Many times, the wireless company just threw up some access points down the hallway with no real thought into how the technology works and how access point placement directly affects Wi-Fi performance.

wireless site survey, 802.11ac wifi,To save yourself some pain, we recommend having a wireless site survey completed if you’re planning for 802.11ac wifi. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a physical site survey; you may just need a predictive one completed with software.