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Analyze. Design. Deploy. Support.

There are trends in the industry that create significant challenges in today’s technology environment:

Wireless & Mobility- How do I build a large scale wireless network that will allow secure access to data from any device? How do I handle the proliferation of tablet PC’s, smart phones, and other hand held Networking Securitydevices on the corporate network?

Security Threats- How do I build secure network infrastructure around the different types of users and devices? How do I handle the ongoing threats of malware and hackers for compliance and protection?

Collaboration & Communications- How do I manage communications with employees, students, guests, via all the different types of devices they use? How do I create the best learning environment inside my corporate board rooms or classrooms?

How We Can Help

Analyze: We have industry solution  experts to help understand a customer’s current environment and needs.

SecurEdge NetworksDesign: We offer complete solution design services to help address the challenges. Our design recommendations are based upon your end goal, as well as industry and solution specific knowledge.

Deploy: We deploy many solutions turnkey or we can work with your team to provide guidance on deployment best practices and customer specific integration services.

Support: We offer custom fit support services. We offer managed services, unmanaged, or hybrid support including online portal access and support tools to help you manage your system.

Who We Are

SecurEdge Networks is an IT Solutions Provider specializing in secure mobility, data security, visual communications, and learning technologies.

Our goal is to be a resource for you to use when you need us.
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